The Millennium Gallery

This week I decided it would be beneficial to visit The Millennium Gallery which is located in the heart of Sheffield city centre. I'm hoping this visit will inspire me and give me some ideas as I've felt a¬†little deflated and un-motivated this week. Here I Am The Sheffield-based creators of Here I Am, Neil... Continue Reading →

Developing A Research Question – Studio Day

The aim of today's studio day was to develop a research question and to outline aims and objectives. Working in pairs we each had the opportunity to explain to our partner the theme of our research, what we had achieved so far, key findings and to write a working question with aims and objectives. We... Continue Reading →

Primary Research: Probes and Interviews

Aims and Objectives The research¬†aims to create a body of original work that will contribute to our understanding of Anxiety Disorder (AD). Using a cultural probe I will examine the differences between people who suffer with AD and those who do not. The probe encourages the participant to record actions and feelings intermittently throughout a... Continue Reading →

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