Ethics Workshop – Studio Day

Today we discussed and carried out tasks that would enable me to reflect on the meaning of ethics and the importance of it in my own practice. What is Ethics? Our class discussion began by defining the term ethics and what it means across an array of different cultures and how it translates. It was... Continue Reading →

Developing A Research Question – Studio Day

The aim of today's studio day was to develop a research question and to outline aims and objectives. Working in pairs we each had the opportunity to explain to our partner the theme of our research, what we had achieved so far, key findings and to write a working question with aims and objectives. We... Continue Reading →

Primary Research: Probes and Interviews

Aims and Objectives The research¬†aims to create a body of original work that will contribute to our understanding of Anxiety Disorder (AD). Using a cultural probe I will examine the differences between people who suffer with AD and those who do not. The probe encourages the participant to record actions and feelings intermittently throughout a... Continue Reading →

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