Filming – Edit Three

I have re-shot the scene mentioned in the previous post 'Filming - Edit Two'. I am pleased with how it looks overall but I do want to apply various different affects to give it a cinematic feel and help start manipulating it, so the footage looks 'anxious'. I recently started to watch a TV series... Continue Reading →

Filming – Edit Two

Before, transferring the footage into Premiere Pro. I cropped it further, as a lot of the footage was walking in/out of the frame, this didn't add any value to the narrative. At 37 seconds, I have filmed the actress putting her hands infront of the lens, the screen turns black.  I have decided to cut this... Continue Reading →

Filming – Edit One

"Filming is a funny combination of having a good time and not being able to wait until it's over." - Nicole Holofcener Yesterday, I spent the day filming . In a previous post 'Planing the Content - Pre-production" I outlined the script and storyboard. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan and I had to make... Continue Reading →

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