Choosing a concept

Over the past few weeks I have focused my attention on the technology and software I want to use. With only a few weeks to go its really important that I turn my attention to narrative and interactions to ensure that the experience I create is memorable. Concept One Concept Two Concept Three I have... Continue Reading →

Developing A Research Question – Studio Day

The aim of today's studio day was to develop a research question and to outline aims and objectives. Working in pairs we each had the opportunity to explain to our partner the theme of our research, what we had achieved so far, key findings and to write a working question with aims and objectives. We... Continue Reading →

Concept Development – Co-creating Artefacts

This project would be a collaboration (co-creation) project where by myself and a volunteer (preferably someone who has AD and participated in my primary research) would design an artefact that represents their experience, story or interpretation of their anxiety.  Video footage and audio would be projected onto the artefact - explaining that persons personal struggles... Continue Reading →

Concept Development – Mirror Projections

This project aims to take the audience on a personal journey, exploring the daily struggles of someone suffering from Anxiety Disorder. The double sided mirror is symbolic and represents the two sides (what we see and what is happening internally) of a person suffering with specifically Anxiety Disorder but also mental health in general. The... Continue Reading →

Everything begins with an idea

Throughout this project I've often found myself falling into the dangerous trap off 'tunnel vision'. It's been difficult not to get ahead of myself and as I'm about to start the ideation process I have found myself getting a little stuck and unable to consider other ideas barring the initial one I had at the... Continue Reading →

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