Editing completed, time to add audio!

I took inspiration from what I've learn't from secondary sources to create a small script with words and phrases that relate to thoughts that may go through someone's head who suffers from social anxiety. I recorded the audio using the Marantz PMD661. I then imported it into Premiere Pro where I edited it. Ideally, I would have... Continue Reading →

Filming – Edit Two

Before, transferring the footage into Premiere Pro. I cropped it further, as a lot of the footage was walking in/out of the frame, this didn't add any value to the narrative. At 37 seconds, I have filmed the actress putting her hands infront of the lens, the screen turns black.  I have decided to cut this... Continue Reading →

Planning the content – Pre-production

Video production has always been something that I find particularly challenging I have the ideas but, never seem unable to execute them. The content is vitally important as it will create the narrative and set the tone. Through Lynda.com an online learning platform I found a course that will help teach me the basics of... Continue Reading →

Experimentation – Modul8 & MadMapper

MadMapper is a projection mapping software and works seamlessly alongside Modul8 to create really interesting compositions. At this stage I'm not sure what I want to create so it's really important for me to experiment with an array of different softwares. I initially downloaded the demo version of MadMapper but, with this version there are... Continue Reading →

Why is sex so damn good?

Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell. Why is sex so damn good? Is a talk given by Jinsop Lee (TEDTalks) who aims to explain the importance of our senses within design through the Five Sense Theory. We are all familiar with the five senses and yet Lee points out how very few products and experiences tick them all.... Continue Reading →

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