Ethics Workshop – Studio Day

Today we discussed and carried out tasks that would enable me to reflect on the meaning of ethics and the importance of it in my own practice. What is Ethics? Our class discussion began by defining the term ethics and what it means across an array of different cultures and how it translates. It was... Continue Reading →

Mapping – Studio Day

Task one -¬†Positionality If you type "what is design?" into Google you will get roughly¬†103,000,000 results all offering different views and ideas, arguing what design is. I believe design is a vast and exponential field that encompasses an array of different fields, terms and practices (which can sometimes gets a little confusing). Tharpe and Tharpe... Continue Reading →

Inspiration is everywhere

I feel exceptionally lucky that I study in a field where I have so many opportunities to express and explore things that interest me. Project two is an open brief meaning I have full control over what I want to delve into, helping me to gain a deep and broad understanding of my chosen subject.... Continue Reading →

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