Filming – Edit Three

I have re-shot the scene mentioned in the previous post 'Filming - Edit Two'. I am pleased with how it looks overall but I do want to apply various different affects to give it a cinematic feel and help start manipulating it, so the footage looks 'anxious'. I recently started to watch a TV series... Continue Reading →

Primary Research – Unstructured Interview

Today I had the opportunity to speak to a member of staff at Sheffield Hallam's wellness centre who specialises in offering therapy to students suffering with mental health issues. The interview was unstructured, I did however prepare some questions and topics of conversation before hand. 01 - Consent Form Before we began it was important... Continue Reading →

Experimentation – Modul8

01.  Visuals At this stage it was really important that I began experimenting with different ideas and technologies etc. I decided that I would start by creating something using Modul8 to create a 'sensory overload' experience focusing on sight and sound. Using an extract from Zoella's story I started collecting stock videos - I didn't... Continue Reading →

Creating a data set using secondary sources

“The act of sourcing, evaluating and analysing secondary sources can realise great insights for decision-makers. It is also vital to successful problem diagnosis, sample planning and collection of primary data.”  (Malhotra & Birks, 2006) I have collected a variety of trustworthy and reliable secondary sources to help me understand and engage with my problem space on... Continue Reading →

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