Filming – Edit Three

I have re-shot the scene mentioned in the previous post 'Filming - Edit Two'. I am pleased with how it looks overall but I do want to apply various different affects to give it a cinematic feel and help start manipulating it, so the footage looks 'anxious'. I recently started to watch a TV series... Continue Reading →

Ethics Workshop – Studio Day

Today we discussed and carried out tasks that would enable me to reflect on the meaning of ethics and the importance of it in my own practice. What is Ethics? Our class discussion began by defining the term ethics and what it means across an array of different cultures and how it translates. It was... Continue Reading →

Experimentation – Modul8

01.  Visuals At this stage it was really important that I began experimenting with different ideas and technologies etc. I decided that I would start by creating something using Modul8 to create a 'sensory overload' experience focusing on sight and sound. Using an extract from Zoella's story I started collecting stock videos - I didn't... Continue Reading →

Choosing Testomonies

I have selected three testimonies that I feel outline and describe an array of different scenarios that people feel emotionally and physically when coping with Social Anxiety Disorder on a daily basis. Zoe Sugg - International YouTube Sensation My first testimony comes from YouTuber Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella. Zoella is an international sensation and is... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

In my previous post I discussed how I will use existing testimonies (not collected by myself) to help me understand the different layers of social anxiety and explore different mediums that will allow me to express their personal views and journeys creating a tangible narrative. I have scoured the Internet and found the content available... Continue Reading →

Let’s just talk about mental health!

   Jessica Walsh's [2015] minimal, two frame gif is simple and very effective in delivering the widely unacknowledged fact that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness during their lifetime and therefore shouldn't have this stigma attached to it.  12 Kinds of Kindness ‘12 Kinds of Kindness’ was a project undertaken by two self-described “self-centered... Continue Reading →

What’s already out there? – Existing Studies

Internet Use, Identity Development and Social Anxiety Among Young Adults This study examines the relationship between the levels of Internet use and social anxiety among a sample of 161 older adolescents/young adults aged between 18 and 25. Each participants received a questionnaire to complete with themes on demographics and Internet use, as well as the Extended... Continue Reading →

Why conduct original research?

Theory Supporting Practice As part of our Theory Supporting Practice (TSP) module I explored numerous different methodologies for conducting primary research including; practice-led research, ethnography, design probes, focus groups and interviews. "The overall aim of design research is to develop an accessible, robust body of knowledge that enhances our understanding of design processes, applications, methods... Continue Reading →

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