What’s already out there? – Existing Studies

Internet Use, Identity Development and Social Anxiety Among Young Adults This study examines the relationship between the levels of Internet use and social anxiety among a sample of 161 older adolescents/young adults aged between 18 and 25. Each participants received a questionnaire to complete with themes on demographics and Internet use, as well as the Extended... Continue Reading →

Why conduct original research?

Theory Supporting Practice As part of our Theory Supporting Practice (TSP) module I explored numerous different methodologies for conducting primary research including; practice-led research, ethnography, design probes, focus groups and interviews. "The overall aim of design research is to develop an accessible, robust body of knowledge that enhances our understanding of design processes, applications, methods... Continue Reading →

Digital Tinkering – Piezo

Project 04 This week I have followed another activity from the Arduino Projects Book. This project utilises a photoresistor that will be used to detect the amount of light across its surface, by moving a finger across the light will change the voltage on the analog pin and which determines what frequency the piezo plays.... Continue Reading →

Creating a data set using secondary sources

“The act of sourcing, evaluating and analysing secondary sources can realise great insights for decision-makers. It is also vital to successful problem diagnosis, sample planning and collection of primary data.”  (Malhotra & Birks, 2006) I have collected a variety of trustworthy and reliable secondary sources to help me understand and engage with my problem space on... Continue Reading →

Understanding Anxiety

What is the difference between Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder? Anxiety? At some point in everyone's life they will experience the feeling of being anxious that might be from starting a new job, meeting someone for the first time or moving house etc. This feeling of fear and uneasiness is unpleasant but perfectly normal and is... Continue Reading →

Why is sex so damn good?

Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell. Why is sex so damn good? Is a talk given by Jinsop Lee (TEDTalks) who aims to explain the importance of our senses within design through the Five Sense Theory. We are all familiar with the five senses and yet Lee points out how very few products and experiences tick them all.... Continue Reading →

Projects I truly love

The following projects are all ones I love because they  identify a specific social issue and offer a solution that is innovative and unique. Emotional First Aid Kit The Emotional First Aid Kit was created by Rui Sun an MA Industrial Design student from London’s Central Saint Martin’s. The five objects (each with providing the... Continue Reading →

Design Empathy

Empathy is defined as the human ability to put oneself in the place of another in order to better understand what that other person feels or thinks. In other words, it is the understanding and feeling of another person’s emotional and cognitive experience. "Empathy is the ability to understand and respond to the unique affective... Continue Reading →

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