Filming – Edit Three

I have re-shot the scene mentioned in the previous post 'Filming - Edit Two'. I am pleased with how it looks overall but I do want to apply various different affects to give it a cinematic feel and help start manipulating it, so the footage looks 'anxious'. I recently started to watch a TV series... Continue Reading →

Experimentation – Modul8 continued…

In my previous blog post 'Experimentation - Modul8' I began to experiment with Modul8 paying particular interest in the paint and animate module. I concluded that whilst I liked the affects the content was very boring and didn't illustrate social anxiety disorder. I decided to use my second testimony taken from Claire Eastham to illustrate... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

In my previous post I discussed how I will use existing testimonies (not collected by myself) to help me understand the different layers of social anxiety and explore different mediums that will allow me to express their personal views and journeys creating a tangible narrative. I have scoured the Internet and found the content available... Continue Reading →

Digital Tinkering – H-bridge

This week I have been looking at interesting ways for the users to interact with the videos. In the Arduino projects book, one example is a Zoetrope. Before, the first moving images were invented they used a tool called the Zoetrope. It created the illusion of motion. The original designs were spun with a cranking... Continue Reading →

The Millennium Gallery

This week I decided it would be beneficial to visit The Millennium Gallery which is located in the heart of Sheffield city centre. I'm hoping this visit will inspire me and give me some ideas as I've felt a little deflated and un-motivated this week. Here I Am The Sheffield-based creators of Here I Am, Neil... Continue Reading →

Concept Development – Co-creating Artefacts

This project would be a collaboration (co-creation) project where by myself and a volunteer (preferably someone who has AD and participated in my primary research) would design an artefact that represents their experience, story or interpretation of their anxiety.  Video footage and audio would be projected onto the artefact - explaining that persons personal struggles... Continue Reading →

Concept Development – Mirror Projections

This project aims to take the audience on a personal journey, exploring the daily struggles of someone suffering from Anxiety Disorder. The double sided mirror is symbolic and represents the two sides (what we see and what is happening internally) of a person suffering with specifically Anxiety Disorder but also mental health in general. The... Continue Reading →

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