Final packaging

There were a few changes I wanted to make to the final prototype before my hand. Firstly, I noticed that the headphone hole was situated at the front of the package, it actually needs to be located on either side of the package as the iPad will be laid landscape. Additionally, I thought the project would look and feel more complete if the name and tagline were engraved on the front. Subsequently, this will allow the audience to easily identify the final prototype as I will be displaying a few iterations of the project in exhibition. Finally, I increased the dimensions of the nose and eye socket so the user can rest their face more comfortably on the package.

Larger nose and eye sockets so it’s more comfortable for the user to rest their face. 
Name and tagline to help identify the concept before using it. 
Originally the front flap was going to be used to prop the package up slight but, I didn’t take into consideration the length of the toggles. Instead I have used it to cover the base hiding the toggles underneath



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