Prototyping – Laser Cutting

For the exhibition I wanted to create a base that would house the iPad, software and toggles. Firstly, I created a basic mock-up using cardboard, I wanted to use this as a template to help me deign the net in Abobe Illustrator.

First attempt – this helped me figure out what shape I wanted it to be
Digitalising the net in illustrator. Scale 1:4
I took the dimensions for the top of the package from Google cardboard.

I took the dimensions of the eye and nose socket from a google cardboard, it made sense to use these dimensions as Google will have completed vigorous user testing it to make sure it is ergonomically correct. Once I was happy with the shape I imported the file into Corel Draw.  In Corel I tired to ungroup the file so I could change the line stroke and colour. However, the software was unable to recognise the separate lines so so I drew round the shape using the pen tool ensuring the lines where not connected. After I had made sure all my settings were correct I sent the file to Trottec. Initially, when I sent the file to be cut it was not recognising the ‘etch’ lines. After some investigation I discovered someone had change the settings. After this slight issue was resolved I was able to continue.

My first attempt tilts in the wrong direction, backwards instead of forwards.

My second attempt was much more successful, I swapped the lengths of the lines so it tilted correctly.





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