Digital Tinkering – two toggles and a piezo

This mini project is a step further in the right direction, each of the toggles turns on a the piezo. I want the circuit to remain closed when the user has pushed the button therefore I will need to use maintained switches. This means it will stay in one state until actuated into a new one and so on. These switches are often referred to as toggle or ON/OFF switches.

Before, adding a piezo I first used a LED. The was a really quick way for me to test the toggles and make sure they work as it requires no code and the set up is easy and fast.

I then decided to use both toggles simultaneously to turn the LED on. Both switches have to be in the ‘on’ position for the circuit to be complete and the light to shine.

Lastly, I amended some code written by Scott Fitzgerald, the toggles turn the piezo on. This project is the basic idea for what my project does. Turn the toggle on and sound plays. The project did not work seamlessly but, I think was because some of the connections were loose.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 14.01.28


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