Filming – Edit One

“Filming is a funny combination of having a good time and not being able to wait until it’s over.” – Nicole Holofcener

Yesterday, I spent the day filming . In a previous post ‘Planing the Content – Pre-production” I outlined the script and storyboard. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan and I had to make a few manor adjustments to the script. Initially, I wanted to shoot in a busy high street but, not thinking ahead I planned to film on Sunday. This would be fine if I lived in a city but, I live in small town and the high street was dead. Instead filmed in the local supermarket Tesco. Having previously asked for permission to film inside a supermarket for another project I knew they would not allow it, so myself and the friend went into stealf mode. Those shots were not great as I unable to use a tripod.

I decided to do the basic editing and sequencing in iMovie because the interface is much easier to work with. However, it is limited so I will create the various different manipulations and effects both visually and audio in Premiere Pro . Looking back I realised that the majority of my shots where of walking / running. Shockingly, this is very incredibly boring to watch. I did not have enough footage to create something interesting in Modul8 and I did not leave myself enough time to re-shoot. Therefore, I have decided to create a 30 – 45 second trailer. Quick, snappy shots that very briefly outline the narrative and illustrate the ‘feeling’ you would experience if you was interacting with Modul8 and the midi controller.


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