Digital Tinkering – Basic midi (buttons & piezo)

For the exhibition I want to create a small midi-controller to help demonstrate how the switch may work. For this I have used 8 button switches and a piezo. As the user presses each button the piezo plays a sound.

Components; 8x button switch, Piezo, 8x 220 OMH resistor.

The switch interrupts the flow if electricity, breaking the circuit when it is open. When the switch is pressed the circuit is complete. The switch used in this circuit is a momentary switch, because the circuit is only complete (closed) when pressure is applied.

This project demonstrates a midi-controller in it’s simplest form. It is a good starting point but will need to be expanded upon further.  If we refer back to my concept drawing, the user interacts with the switches, and they trigger individual sounds. The project I have created uses multiple switches but, they are all connected to one piezo. This means only one sound can be triggered at a time. I want each individual switch to turn on separate Piezo’s. Allowing the users  to interact with multiple switches at the same time, which in turn will trigger different sounds.


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