Planning the content – Pre-production

Video production has always been something that I find particularly challenging I have the ideas but, never seem unable to execute them. The content is vitally important as it will create the narrative and set the tone. Through an online learning platform I found a course that will help teach me the basics of video production and editing.

Pre-production – Goal (outline), Script & Storyboard

Pre-Production is the most important aspect of video production, it will either make or break your project and is even more important than the filming and editing. No matter the size of the project it must start with an ideas that can be clearly communicated “If you can’t explain your idea in a complete sentence then it cannot be done” (Garrott, R. 2015).

Project goal and key points

The next step in the pre-production process is script writing. This step is important because it forces you to, really think about the narrative and ensure your idea is clear and concise.

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The last step in the process is storyboarding. Storyboard is a good way to plan what you want to shoot and the types of shots you want – I have used post-it notes to match the scene with the audio as these parts will be compiled separately and put together in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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