Choosing a concept

Over the past few weeks I have focused my attention on the technology and software I want to use. With only a few weeks to go its really important that I turn my attention to narrative and interactions to ensure that the experience I create is memorable.

Concept One

Using AR the audience can navigate the space interacting with objects. The objects have RFID sensors that trigger effects.

Concept Two

A dome shaped head piece is covered in capacitive sensors that manipulate the the audio and visuals as the audience moves their hands across.

Concept Three

Audience uses the midi controller to manipulate the visuals and audio. 

I have chosen to develop concept one as I think that it has the most potential. During a tutorial with Be I explained the idea. Ben brought to my attention that concept is disconnected from the proposed artefact. It is important that I find away to build a relationship between the interface and my topic Anxiety.


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