Aims & Objectives

I had a meeting with Ben last week and we discussed where I was so far and what I had left to do. Currently I have been experimenting with various softwares. It is essential that with only a few weeks left to go I stop diverging and start converging. The past few weeks I have focused on the technology and not paid much attention to the actual user experience. I have missed a few vital steps and have no clear plan in place for my final weeks. This week I will outline my aims and objectives.  Explore the ways I can create more interesting and memorable user interactions ensuring their fit for purpose. High fidelity sketches and user journeys that clearly and concisely  showcase my concept and how it will work. And finally create a plan of how I will show case my work in the final exhibition.


This project aims to explore the opportunities of immersive experiences when raising awareness for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).


Explore how narratives can encourage users to become more empathic towards people suffering with SAD.

Investigating immersive experiences as affective means to raise awareness by encouraging the user to interact with virtual and physical spaces.


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