Experimentation – Getting to know MadMapper

MadMapper is a projection mapping software and works seamlessly alongside Modul8 to create really interesting compositions. At this stage I’m not sure what I want to create so it’s really important for me to experiment with an array of different softwares. I initially downloaded the demo version of MadMapper but, with this version there are many limitations so unfortunately I was unable to experiment in the way I wanted. MadMapper does allow users to rent the software on a monthly basis for £37. This option suits me the most at this moment in time as I’m not sure if I’ll use it for my final design.

Before importing my media over from Modul8 I decided to learn the very basic’s of MadMapper by using the MADtutorial Basic’s on YouTube. These quick video’s only last a couple of minutes but clearly explain in easy steps what everything does. The step by step guide ensures you don’t feel overwhelmed and make it easy to find out information. In the following video’s I demonstrate the fundamental features that make up MadMapper.

01. Creating a Quad

02. Positions: Input & Output

03. Primitives & Stacks

04. Setting up a projector

At this moment in time I have no got a projector wired up to my laptop so for this final tutorial I will use the one that MadMapper Basic’s provides.

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