Choosing Testomonies

I have selected three testimonies that I feel outline and describe an array of different scenarios that people feel emotionally and physically when coping with Social Anxiety Disorder on a daily basis.

Zoe Sugg – International YouTube Sensation

My first testimony comes from YouTuber Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella. Zoella is an international sensation and is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who has accumulated over 12 million subscribers. In the following blog you can see how Zoella opens up and discuss her personal struggles with Social Anxiety Disorder and how she has learnt to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

Zoe Sugg disucssing her struggles of living with Anxiety.

“… there are so many places I would panic just for no reason. Trains, the tube, taxi’s. I use to refuse to get in taxi’s, on buses, coaches,  any kind of form of public transport … waiting for things. That seem’s kind of odd but if you’re watching this and you have panic attacks you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you know you have to wait, it makes me kind of anxious. Places where you feel you can’t leave like hair dressers or doctors waiting room…” This is an extract taken from this vlog, this seems extremely important as it highlights that it is everyday, mundane tasks that people carry out on a day-to-day basis.

Claire Eastham “I over came my anxiety to walk down the aisle.”

Claire Eastham an author who wrote “We’re all mad here” appeared on This Morning 22/11/2016 to discuss how she had suffered with anxiety for almost 20 years. In the following clip Claire describes how she avoided  meeting new people and often found it difficult to even leave her house.

Claire Eastham talking about her journey to learn how to manage anxiety.

“Well my approach to my anxiety, which is the worst thing I would never recommend this was just to ignore it. I thought I cannot not tell anybody about this because I will be outcast. Everybody will think I’m a freak because I thought I was a freak. So I just ignored it. I just ploughed on ahead like no you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.” I think this statement has a very important message, ignoring it won’t make the issue go away and it is normal to find there’s times in your life when you can’t manage anxiety in social situations. It’s important that my work works brings forward this message of seeking help and talking about it with people who make you feel safe.

Jonas Kolker ‘Embrace the Suck’ – TEDx

15-year-old Jonas Kolker’s talk explores the idea of ’embracing the suck.” He talks about how he turned his diagnosis into activism, empowerment and coach. From an early age Kolker has suffered with severe anxiety triggered by his school environment. Over the years he has learn’t strategies and techniques that enable him to control and manage his daily struggles. These experiences has shaped the way that Jonas looks at anxiety and the inner workings of the brain.

Embracing the suck – Jonas Kolker

“Imagine if you will every inch of your body telling you something. Telling you not to do something. Your heart booms as you shiver and shake at the thought. Sweat from on your brow as your tried to avoid listening to the voices telling you what you already know.  Hearing the sounds over your own yells of people trying to bring you in to the place that your body is telling you not to. All this combined in a mighty clingy war that drowns out all rational thought…” Kolker’s passionate description is powerful and helps the audience to understand how anxiety controls your entire body.

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