Digital Tinkering – H-bridge

This week I have been looking at interesting ways for the users to interact with the videos. In the Arduino projects book, one example is a Zoetrope. Before, the first moving images were invented they used a tool called the Zoetrope. It created the illusion of motion. The original designs were spun with a cranking mechanism or by hand but the following project explores how it can be controlled electronically. This project is also the first time I have used a H-bridge, these components are known as integrated circuits (IC). They help to simplify complex circuits by packaging them into  an easily replaceable component.

Project 07

Before, attaching the battery, plus the Arduino in the computer. Using the on/off switch, the motor starts to spin. As the potentioment is twisted the motor should speed up and slow down. Pressing the on/off a second time will stop it. By pressing the second switch the direction will change that the motor spins.

Circuit components; 10 OMH potentiometer, H-bridge, 10 OHM resistor, motor and 9v battery.
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 14.44.00
Code upload from the Arduino Library


It took me some time to get this project working as I incorrectly placed a wire to the wrong pin. Eventually, I realised my mistake and were able to rectify it. I found this project challenging but I think the results were good. The potentiometer and buttons act as a midi controller which has the capacity to be expanded further by incorporating audio.

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