Everything begins with an idea

Throughout this project I’ve often found myself falling into the dangerous trap off ‘tunnel vision’. It’s been difficult not to get ahead of myself and as I’m about to start the ideation process I have found myself getting a little stuck and unable to consider other ideas barring the initial one I had at the very start of this project!Design Sprint

When I worked at hedgehog lab we often used a design process called a Design Sprint. The Design Sprint framework is based on the understanding of Design Thinking and is a five-day (or three-day) process that aims to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with final users and customers. It’s a good way to solve design problems quickly.

design sprint
Google’s diagram explains how the sprint fits into the overall design process.

One of the exercise within the sprint is an exercise called Crazy Eight’s, eight ideas in eight minutes. It’s a really good way to push past your first idea and start being creative, it also limits the amount of time you have to ‘over-think’ an idea. On this occasion to ease myself into the exercise I decided to modify the exercise a little bit. Six ideas in six minutes and repeat the process throughout the day a couple of times.

01 – Crazy Six’s

 From this set of ideas there is nothing that really stands out or interests me, however, number 4 has inspired me and in the next set of ideas I will expand on that concept further.

 02 – Crazy Six’s

Idea 8 and 9 have potential and seem interesting.

03 – Crazy Six’s

Number 16 is a more revised idea – inspired by idea 4.

I have highlight ideas that I think have the potential to deliver really interesting outcome and will develop these concepts further in the following three posts.


This exercise is something I swear by, of course some off the ideas are ridiculous however, more often than not they’re is potential. Within the Sprint each team member does this exercise once, however, I’m not working with a team off people, so I prefer to repeat the process 3/4 times over a 1or 2 hour period. I’ve found personally that the majority of the time I ended up with a minimum of 2/3 ideas that can be developed further before choosing the final concept.


Google. (2010). Design Sprints. Retrieved from https://designsprintkit.withgoogle.com

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