Concept Development – Real Time Video Mixing

In my previous post I used an exercise called Crazy Six’s to help me generate ideas, from here I have chose three ideas to research and develop further. This will aid me in deciding which idea has the most potential to move forward through the concept development stages.

 Concept 01

The idea behind this project is to give the audience an opportunity to create their own state off anxiety. Live-visuals and audio will work together to create an environment that potentially makes the audience feel ‘anxious’. The audience will be asked to draw how they feel before and after using the installation and these findings will be translated into data for my final MA project.

Initial sketch off live-visual concept.

Even at this early stage it is important to consider how the audience will interact with the installation. In this initial idea I have used a Wacom tablet as the controller that moves between videos and audio. DJ decks, keyboards and sensors are also options, I could even build my own midi controller using Arduino.

Initial stages of refined idea. 


In past projects I have used a software called Modul8, it’s a real-time video mixing and compositing tool. It’s versatile interface is a extremely responsive, flexible, and easy-to-use which makes it quick and forgivable to experiment with.

In the video below I have used two 1.5 second After Effects animations to demonstrate how easy it is to build up interesting content especially when it has upto 80 media spaces. To move from video to video you can use something called a midi controller. Midi controllers can be any digital output like a Wacom tablet, motion sensors, keyboard, DJ decks etc. Alongside visual manipulation, sound can also be manipulated and effects applied. This program can work on it’s own or along side other softwares like MapMapper.

A quick demonstration to show how quickly projects can be developed.

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