Concept Development – Co-creating Artefacts

This project would be a collaboration (co-creation) project where by myself and a volunteer (preferably someone who has AD and participated in my primary research) would design an artefact that represents their experience, story or interpretation of their anxiety.  Video footage and audio would be projected onto the artefact – explaining that persons personal struggles with AD.

Initial concept sketch. 
Initial idea off how the project would be set up in an exhibition style environment. 


Co-creation is something that I have explored a little bit through last years Theory Supporting Practice module. Co-creation is a practice-led research technique that explores design anthropology, this allows the researcher to create design ‘things’ or artefacts that creates a sense of connection and more personal response to a source of data. The artefacts that are produced from the sessions can embody a variety of different roles; it can be used to collect, understand, interpret and preserve.


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