Concept Development – Mirror Projections

This project aims to take the audience on a personal journey, exploring the daily struggles of someone suffering from Anxiety Disorder. The double sided mirror is symbolic and represents the two sides (what we see and what is happening internally) of a person suffering with specifically Anxiety Disorder but also mental health in general. The rows of mirrors will be surrounded by four projectors each telling a ‘day in the life of’ story (my plan is to use testimonies taken from my primary research).

 Initial sketch of idea.

After further consideration I though it might me more interesting if I followed the story of one person rather than four. Instead I would use two projectors, the front one showing what that person lets us see and the second project situated behind the mirror show how they feel inside.

concept_02-1Refined idea concept sketch.


MadMapper is a projection mapping software that allows it users to easily and simple warp content onto simple geometric physical objects. I have only used MadMapper once and it was only for a short period of time however, there is a lot of quality online forums and tutorials, so learning this software shouldn’t be too challenging.

 MadMapper offers it’s user a vast interface that is easily learnt. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 08.45.07
 MadMapper comes with an array of professional features.



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