Digital Tinkering – Sensor Time

This week I have introduced a analog output (tric-oloured LED) and photoresistors (changes its resistance depending on the amount of light that hits them.)

Project 03

Using a tri-coloured LED and three photoresistors, I’ll create something that will change colour smoothly depending upon external lighting conditions.

Connecting components; tri-colour LED, 220 OHM resistor, 10 KILOHM resistor and photoresistor.
Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.25.46
Using the serial monitor to ensure the sensors and code is working correctly.


This project didn’t quite turn out as I expected, although it worked as it was supposed to (colours fade in and out depending on external light conditions) I thought the change would be very obvious and it was not. The colour green was non-existent and the dominating colour never disappeared. I know that the sensors were work as the serial monitor displayed the changing values as my hands moved across.


Fitzgerald, S., Shiloh, M. (2015). The Arduino Projects Book.

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