Mapping continued…

Following on from the previous studio day  it became clear that I had many areas of design (process, theories and practices) I wanted to explore further but as of yet nothing to create the context or content. So, I created  a second map exploring ‘things’ I’m currently interested in ranging from social issues to games to books, at this point it was anything I could think off.

Placing the maps side by side I used colour to highlight specific areas of design that interested me and started to link them to my current interests. It became clear that design empathy, social responsibility, awareness and rehabilitation are things that continually crop up.

mapping 2
This was my first mind map and shows current trends I’m interested in.
Second mind map showing themes that I’m currently interested in.


Thinking back over my time at university, projects that have been most successful are the ones were I was highly engaged in my subject matter due to the level of interest and curiosity. It was clear they all these projects had a common denominator. They were projects that explored something meaningful, something powerful, social issues that humans face on a daily basis. It ranged from prostitution and sex trafficking, to exploring synaesthesia etc. It’s clear to see from my areas of interest I have highlighted that I want to explore a real life issue. Mental health is something I’ve not previously delved into and is something I am interested in. I will investigate this further whilst looking at different ways to communicate this through immersive technologies.


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