Digital Tinkering – Error!

This week I have used the Arduino Project Book to help me learn and understand the language of coding in it’s most basic form.

 Project 02

A green LED will turn on when the button is pressed. When the Arduino receives a signal from the button, the green light will turn off and two red LED’s will turn on. I

Connecting components; 3 LED’s, switch, 220 OHM resistor and 10 KILOHM resistor.
Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.38.37.png
‘Verified’ the code to ensure there were no errors.
Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.41.19.png
Uploaded the code and an error appeared

An error code appeared when I tried to upload the code to the Arduino. I already knew there were no mistakes in the code as the ‘verified’ button had confirmed this previously. I followed the hyperlink and it took me to the Arduino forum. One user suggested checking Preferences > Show verbose output during > Upload, although it didn’t make a difference I was still getting an error code. I then copied and pasted the code into the forum but I received no response. I shut the Arduino program down numerous times but it made no difference. I unplugged it from the USB and tried a different port – the error code still appeared but the the project worked  – I have  no idea how or why it decided to run but I was pleased! Although, it is frustrating that I don’t actually understand the cause of the error or how it was resolved.


Fitzgerald, S., Shiloh, M. (2015). The Arduino Projects Book.

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