Inspiration is everywhere

I feel exceptionally lucky that I study in a field where I have so many opportunities to express and explore things that interest me. Project two is an open brief meaning I have full control over what I want to delve into, helping me to gain a deep and broad understanding of my chosen subject. This project will also allow to me to investigate various themes and ideas that could be potentially taken through into my final project (which is a an extremely alarming prospect).

So, where to begin? It’s been my mission this week to source 10 ‘things’ that interest and inspire me. These ‘things’ can include anything; books, articles, podcasts, videos, pictures, quotes and objects.

Before starting this module, I knew that I wanted to explore experiential design in more depth. I have alway’s enjoyed experiential design as it is far more engaging and exciting than traditional forms of media and is changing the way we experience environments, places, products and subjects.

“Experiential design is the most effective way to intrigue audiences, because people flock to new experiences in unexpected places.” (White, J. 2015).



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“…and there was an out pour of sympathy and support from thousnds of people for hitchBOT, and they took to Twitter and expressed how sad they were.” (K, Darling. 2016)

Black Mirror – Black Museum

Projection Mapping

Speculative Design – Dunne and Raby

PPPP. Dunne and RabyPPPP. Illustration by Dunne and Raby


Arduino _ 01

Virtual Reality

Immersive Experiences

Visual X



Dunne, A., Raby, F. (2013). Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming. The MIT Press, Cambridge, UK.

Darling, K. (2016). Ethical Issues in Human-robot interaction. The Conference. Retreived from

Morby, A. (June, 2017). Visual X kit allows users to live out sexual fantasies through virtual reality. Retrieved from

White, J. (2015). The Rise of Experiential Design: What You Need to Succeed. Retrieved from


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