Digital Tinkering – Getting Started

Everyone, everyday uses technology however, most of us leave the programming to engineers. Arduino is a open source platform that makes it possible for anyone of any age to program tiny computers called micro controllers, which make it possible for us to make objects interact.

Over the past few years Arduino is something that I’ve tried numerous times, and I wouldn’t exactly say I’d mastered it. Within the field of interaction design and more specifically experiential design it is important to be able to build working prototypes. I have challenged myself over the next few weeks to take it back to the basics and work my way up creating a series of mini projects that will enable me to learn the language and skills needed to create more sophisticated prototypes.

Project 01


The user presses the button and the LED turns on – no coding required


A user presses the two buttons and the light (LED) turns on.

By using a few components; LED’s, resistors and switches I’ve been able to create the simplest interactive system. This simple project has taught me basics in electrical properties including current, resistance and voltage. These are fundamental when building a circuit and will be built on further over the next few weeks.


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