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Over the next few months I will be using this blog as a way to document, communicate and reflect upon my MA design project journey. Before continuing I decided it was important for me to highlight keys aspects of the module aims... · develop a deep and broad understanding of your MA project · apply,... Continue Reading →

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The good, the bad & the ugly – conclusion

Primary and Secondary Research Throughout this project I have conducted a substantial amount of secondary research but, the most prominent piece of research arose when I interviewed a mental health expert Annie, at the SHU Wellness Centre. Originally, I wanted to adopt a cultural probe methodology in the form of a daily dairy to document,... Continue Reading →

Project deliverables – exhibtion

These are the chosen artefacts I have decided to exhibit. I am pleased with the wide array of different artefacts I have to show as they help to illustrate the journey I have undertaken over the past few months. Regrettably, I have decided not to show my video as I did not want to leave... Continue Reading →

Final packaging

There were a few changes I wanted to make to the final prototype before my hand. Firstly, I noticed that the headphone hole was situated at the front of the package, it actually needs to be located on either side of the package as the iPad will be laid landscape. Additionally, I thought the project... Continue Reading →

Final tutorial

Today, I had my finial tutorial with Ben before the hand in. We briefly discussed my rational and methodology for primary research going into my final project. Next, I showed him the body of work I would be handing in and we discussed how it would help inform the next stage of the project. I... Continue Reading →

Editing completed, time to add audio!

I took inspiration from what I've learn't from secondary sources to create a small script with words and phrases that relate to thoughts that may go through someone's head who suffers from social anxiety. I recorded the audio using the Marantz PMD661. I then imported it into Premiere Pro where I edited it. Ideally, I would have... Continue Reading →

Prototyping – laser cutting acrylic

Last week I used the laser cutter to cut the net from cardboard. Although the cardboard worked well and gave a clear indication of how it would look (scale 1.2) I want the prototype to feel polished and finished. I decided to use black acrylic, this material has many beneficial properties and it is much more... Continue Reading →

Prototyping – Laser Cutting

For the exhibition I wanted to create a base that would house the iPad, software and toggles. Firstly, I created a basic mock-up using cardboard, I wanted to use this as a template to help me deign the net in Abobe Illustrator. I took the dimensions of the eye and nose socket from a google cardboard,... Continue Reading →

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